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Abhisheka Booking:

  • Bathing the Lord with love and devotion, adoring the name of the Lord, am trusting His Love for you and His Power to solve your problems, is the only sure and perpetual solution for life’s misfortunes. At Sree Bala Vigneshwara Maha Ganapathi Temple, this is made true through Abhisheka. Sugarcane Juice, deemed as Divine nectar, and representing of the devotee’s love, trust, faith and unfailing devotion in Him, is used to bathe The Idol of the Lord. As in Yaagas of yesteryears, this is also a sacrifice of one’s pride and position and prostrating oneself at His Divine feet.
  • All parihaara kriyas are done within the temple premises and is essentially an appeal from devotee to the Lord. Thus these kriyas and beliefs are beyond religious, casteist, or regional biases
  • Thousands have enjoyed the benefits of Abhisheka and thousands more wait in expectation. However, currently the benefits are available even beyond the premises of the temple, open to anyone , anywhere in the world.. The ebooking procedure is detailed below and is simple enough to follow.
  • Please note that the only amount accepted is One Hundred Rupees (Rs.100/-) toward the actual of the Abhisheka.
  • The bank account Details:

    The bank account you need to make the transfer to is C S MANIKANDAN NAIR, BANK OF INDIA, PTP NAGAR, IFSC CODE: BKID0008532, AC NO: 853210310000038

    ANRA 29, Ajantha Nagar, Near Saraswathi Vidyalaya School, Vattiyoorkavu Post Office, Trivandrum 13, Kerala, IN.

    PHONE: +91 8281727828



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