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  • The Essence of Life:

    Through my sojourn, looking for the meaning of life, most of the answers I got were evolved from the reactions that I got for my action. As in material world where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so too in a spiritual world. The only probable difference is in the reaction timing, which could be immediate or delayed. However the need for a consolidated answer that acts as a user guide was not in the realm of my search, until the interactions at the ISKCON Centre in Bangalore. Until then it was an address of the issue in hand, where my Spiritual or the Divine Part of my Being, without really realizing the actuality.
  • Life – The Truth of Divine Healing:

    Ayus, or the longevity of every life is considered, in ancient though, as 100 years. Yet there are very few people who live that long and even the period they live is hampered with ill health. I can call to memory a case where a life given up by medical science was given a new lease by the intervention of the divine hands. Yet it defied common sense, even to me how this worked. I carried on nevertheless only by faith. It was after this interaction that started the rethinking and gave me the Knowledge of the mechanism. The realisation that every individual is of two identities, fused into one. The identities are (1) the person as defined by his circumstances, the knowledge he imbibes, the way he react and the results of his reactions. The other is the Universal Spirit in you that knows all and yet stays subdued. That is the reason why a new born baby with no self built identity is almost completely.
  • The Cycle of Life:

    Every human has the capability to live his complete Ayus. It is a harmonious union of the two identities that make a lifelong and worth living. And when the time comes to leave the body it is the human element that leaves first. This in actuality means that it is YOU who decided to leave, unable to bear the pains and not GOD ending your life. I have had the opportunity to watch this process in work. The subject in some distress convulsed first, and then moments later a second convulsion ended the life. Yet the second convulsion was in no way a painful one and one could easily see the hints of a subdued smile as the Universal Spirit left. The human spirit tries to re-enter, with Universal Spirit watching on, trying to instil in you the need to move on. There is an assessment of your Karma and thus you move into the next stage of Karma Cycle.
  • The Temple Rituals:

    Here at the Bala Vigneshwara temple, there are no divides. I have people coming to me with myriad ailments. Any believer in any religion, born of any caste or gender can seek the blessings of the Lord. The only restriction is during the menstrual period of a women. This is placed only because a woman’s body is de-stress process in at that time and a contradicting energy can disrupt her health. These are the rules here as I decide on Divine Will what happens here. The curative process here are for any ailment mental or physical. The best results have been seen in cases with arthritis, troubles concerning digestive tract, and the problems that concern autistic people, notably children. The results so far by the grace of the Lord have helped many and I intend to carry this on.